Not Guilty Verdict in Criminal Drug Case

August 16, 2017, Melinda Power successfully defended her client, Mr. Jefferson, who was charged with delivery of a controlled substance. The Court found Mr. Jefferson not guilty of all charges at the conclusion of the trial. His wife was overcome with emotion and burst into tears when the Judge announced the verdict.
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Victory and Justice: Murder Charge Dismissed Against Abused Spouse

August 16, 2017, Melinda Power successfully defended a client, Mr. Jefferson, against a drug delivery case. Mr. Jefferson was found not guilty and all charges were dropped in the case. His wife was overcome with emotion and burst out in tears when the Judge announced the verdict.
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Legal Victory for Water Protector: Charges Dismissed
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Motion to Quash the Arrest Granted

In the criminal case of People v. Monroe, Attorneys Melinda Power and Sara Garber won their Motion to Quash the Arrest of Mr. Monroe on 8/25/2016. As a result, all evidence unlawfully seized by the police was quashed. Mr. Monroe faced two separate armed robbery charges which will now be dismissed. A happy Mr. Monroe and his sobbing mother left the courtroom a lot happier than when they entered it.
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False arrest case settled in favor of plaintiff 1/2016

For the second time, Attorney Melinda Power first won the criminal case for a falsely arrested Plaintiff Torre. She and attorney Sandeep Basran then went on to successfully settle his federal civil rights lawsuit.
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People v. Robles

09/20/2013 Along with co-counsel, Mark Parts, Melinda Power won a jury trial before the Honorable Judge Porter. After deliberating for just one hour, the jury found the defendant not guilty of residential burglary.
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People v. Arzuaga

03/15/2013 Case dismissed against a defendant charged with unlawful use of a weapon. Challenging the officers' illegal stop and search, Attorney Melinda Power successfully argued a motion to quash the defendant's arrest and to dismiss all charges.
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Torres v. Hayes

03/13/2013 Following the successful defense of the underlying criminal charges, West Town Law Office initiated a civil complaint for malicious prosecution, netting a settlement of over $40,000.
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Regalado v. Hayes

03/01/2013 Favorable settlement reached just days before the start of a jury trial. Plaintiff received $45,000 in an action for false arrest and malicious prosecution.
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People v. DeJesus

01/23/2013 Defendant facing possession of a controlled substance charge found not guilty. During a bench trial, Attorney Melinda Power effectively cross-examined the arresting officers, honing in on the contradictions in their arrest narratives. After the favorable termination of the criminal case, West Town Law Office, partnering with the People's Law Office, filed a civil suit against the arresting officers and cook county for excessive force and false arrest as well as for injuries sustained while in custody.
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People v. Torres

12/28/2012 Defendant facing a charge of unlawful use of a weapon and other related charges found not guilty. Over the course of a bench trial before the Honorable Judge Alonso, Attorney Melinda Power successfully demonstrated the unreliability of the witness police officers' testimony.
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Plaintiff vs. Defendants

In another victory for 1st Amendment rights and to protect the right of people to protest, Circuit Court of Cook County Judge Donnelly ruled that the City of Chicago violated the rights of Occupy Chicago protesters to be present in Grant Park. He granted our Motion to Dismiss the charges against the Occupy protesters. He reaffirmed that parks are public spaces where 1st Amendment rights must be respected.
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