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About Us

West Town Law Office is a community based law office in the heart of the Puerto Rican community. The office has existed for more than thirty years. We specialize in criminal defense, civil rights and domestic relations. West Town Law Office is proud to represent our clients, many of whom have been falsely arrested, falsely accused and physically abused by the police. We also help to resolve domestic issues, such as divorce, paternity, child support and custody.

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Legal Areas

  • Criminal Defense and Civil Rights
  • First Amendment and right to protest cases
  • Fighting police brutality
  • Domestic Relations

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Our Mission

about the mission

West Town Law Office's mission is to provide honest and dedicated legal representation for low income and oppressed communities, particularly the Puerto Rican community. Our goal is to fight injustice and to resolve legal issues that you confront.

Se Habla Español.

Contact Us If...

  • You have been arrested and have a pending criminal case;
  • You have been falsely arrested and or physically abused by the police;
  • Your right to protest has been abused;
  • You wish legal representation to obtain a divorce, in child custody and paternity issues.

Last in the News

Disorderly conduct change

In other council action, the mayor also proposed changing the city's disorderly conduct ordinance after a federal appeals court ruled that some of the language could stifle free speech rights.

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